• Gary Pitt

100 Billion cable ties...

It is estimated that 100 billion cable ties are produced every year..80% of which are disguarded shortly after use. (half of them seem to end up in the back of my motor!)

The cable tie is undoubtedly the event professionals friend, helping us with all sorts of solutions....but we should use them responsibly. Re-usable cable ties, with a small release catch, are readily available and the same price as normal cable ties. They are actually easier to release than cut off in most cases, so its just habitual behaviour thats creating a huge amount of plastic waste. To put this in context, about 180 billion plastic straws were being produced each year, but the global awareness campaign has greatly reduced this. Let's do our bit and encourage use of reusable cable ties. Event people...Please share this with your networks and teams. THINK ! #partnershipswithapurpose #agreenerfestival #circulareconomy#eventprofessionals

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