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5 pointers for successful event partnerships in 2019

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

1. Audience Research

Remember that a brand is interested in marketing their product or service to your audience. These are the same people you market the tickets to your event to. It's in your best interest to know this audience inside out, so carrying out independent research into your audience should be high on your to do list. Alive Activation carryout research on behalf of all of the events we represent. We wouldn't dream of approaching a brand unless we could demonstrate how well we know the audience.

2. Partner Match

With so many events seeking sponsor partners, potential brands are being bombarded by similar opportunities.

Bear in mind any event activity will be part of a wider campaign and will be planned with as much care and precision as other channels. Your audience research will help you understand what's important to your visitors and the brands they are likely to engage with in 2019.

Create a shortlist of the perfect brands for your event and do your homework. Understand the brands attributes, audience and objectives and develop bespoke opportunities to address them. This will make your opportunity stand out amongst the others.

3. Partnerships with Purpose

2019 will see increasing focus on partnership with a social purpose. This is a good opportunity to find partners who share the same company ethos and support causes close to your audiences hearts. Working in partnership you can effect change and this in turn creates positive press and PR for both parties.

As part of the brand matching process research what causes and charities are supported by the brands you want to approach.

4. Immerse and Engage

Be prepared to work closely with brand partners to create a campaign which people love. No one wants to badge an area in 2019, the aim is to create memorable experiences which surprise, educate and delight. It may be best to work with a third party agency to help you achieve this. Alive Activation pride ourselves on developing bespoke opportunities for brands.

5. Don't 'cold email' your proposal

How many spam emails do you receive each day from people wanting some of your hard earned income? How many do you junk and block? Probably all of them right?

It's no different for brand owners and agencies, they have no interest in receiving huge files from sponsor seekers assuming they will immediately stop what they are doing, change the direction of their campaign and strategy because they have sent lot's of nice pictures. Stop this in 2019.

Develop proper dialogue with brands and create bespoke proposals.

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